Learn math in 2 minutes!

Today, young students are exposed to vastly different types of media.

Outside of school, they are exposed to engaging content – on social media, in video games, through YouTube videos.

Inside school, this is rarely the case.
Most students think textbooks are dry and boring.

As students and technology change, so should the content used in school.
That’s why we’re inventing a new way of learning math.
Nano lessons combine rigorous content with a playful format that speaks to Gen Z students.

When we first started testing nanos, adults immediately got excited.
However, when we showed them to teenagers, their reaction was lukewarm.
It took us a while to understand why.
Unlike adults, nano lessons didn’t surprise teens. To them, they felt like the most natural thing in the world.

It turned out we were asking the wrong question.
Things changed as soon as we asked: “What if your whole math textbook was made of nano lessons?”.
Then every single one burst in excitement:

“Yes! Please! Please!”
“That would be incredible!”
“We need it RIGHT NOW!”

At Storm, we are working hard to integrate the content students want with the math lessons they need.